Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that can. -- Margaret Mead

Gallo & Robinson, LLC (formerly Betty Gallo & Co.) has a strong reputation for playing a major role in successful lobbying campaigns around controversial and high profile issues. We also have helped to secure millions of dollars in state funding for our clients. We work with clients whose mission we support and that belief in a cause has made us fierce advocates and successful.

Some of issues which Gallo & Robinson, LLC (formerly Betty Gallo & Co.) has played a major role include:

Civil Rights

  • Passage of one of the strongest anti-gun violence laws in the nation.
  • Abolition of the death penalty.
  • Passage of a law decriminalizing a small amount of marijuana.
  • Passage of a law legalizing medical marijuana.
  • A law prohibiting against people who are transgender.
  • Connecticut law protecting reproductive rights, which is the most comprehensive such law in the nation.
  • A law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. (Connecticut was the third State in the nation to pass such a law.)
  • Legislation that allows same-sex couples to adopt a child. (Connecticut is the only state to pass such legislation without a court intervention).
  • Civil unions (Connecticut was the first state to adopt such legislation without court intervention)
  • Adoption of a hate crimes law and expansion of such law to include sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.
  • Passage of legislation implementing the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same sex marriages


  • Passage of dedicated court fees and increased appropriations for legal services program in CT
  • $50 million for Mental Health Strategy Board to provide community services for people with psychiatric disabilities
  • Increased State funding for American School for the Deaf
  • Passage of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund of $100 million 
  • State Funding for Legal Services Programs
  • Bonding for various clients including over $30 million for American School for the Deaf and $3.5 million for a homeless shelter in New Haven

Health Care Advocacy

  • Creation of a Master of Social Work license
  • Licensing of health care professions including Nurse Midwives, Social Workers, and Respiratory Therapists.
  • Prescription authority for Nurse Midwives 
  • Third Party reimbursement for Occupational Therapists and  Social Workers
  • Require insurance coverage for important health care needs including wigs for cancer patients, coverage of hearing aids for children
  • Coverage by Medicaid of working parents with income up to 150% of poverty

Social Justice

  • Restore cuts to State Medicaid Program
  • Passed funding for thousands of units of Supportive Housing
  • Establishment and funding for CDAP and CIAPP
  • Passage of legislation establishing  needle exchange programs (First State in the Nation to pass such legislation)
  • Legislation eliminating disparity between crack and power cocaine

Grassroots Advocacy

Gallo & Robinson, LLC (formerly Betty Gallo & Co.) helps to build and foster strong grassroots advocacy networks for clients ensuring that decision makers hear from constituents who care about the clients’ issues. We offer to clients a database and action alert network using the services of CongressWeb. The database, action alert network and webpage development helps clients to keep members, helps recruit members, makes it easy for members to contact their legislators on important issues and creates a highly effective grassroots lobbying network.